About Ocean Rebel

The Creator Of Luxury Coastalwear

Luxury Coastalwear is the impeccable combination of Coastal Living X Comfort Fashion. We are Independently Cultured; not belonging nor identifying with one culture. Our fashion is designed for optimal comfort, premium quality, functionality in mind, and breathable material for all-day wear. 

What is an Ocean Rebel?
We are a curious, out-of-the-box thinker. We shatter trends and create new ones. We push the boundaries to discover new territory and we always strive to make a positive impact in the world. In everything we do, we release our inner rebel and create our own path.

What makes Ocean Rebel different?
A few major key points that make us different:

  • Made In the USA/EU: We produce many of our Collection clothing pieces in New York City and the United Kingdom. This ensures high-quality products and ethical manufacturing conditions. USA made products supports our economy, ensures local jobs in present day time and also in the future. 
  • Slow-Fashion: Slow-fashion is high-quality apparel at a fair price with extended longevity. Slow-Fashion delivers quality goods and upholds ethical manufacturing standards with reducing the environmental impact. This encourages consumers to move away from disposable, one-time-wear clothing aka fast-fashion.
  • Exclusive Availability: Each product is produced in a limited quantity ensuring exclusivity and putting a stop to repetitive mass-production. This ensures that each customer is wearing a unique and exclusive item. 
  • Giving Back: Every purchase helps supply a source of clean drinking water and/or sanitation system to those in need around the world. We believe the world can be a better place if everyone can do something small to help someone else. #staykind

Our Mission:
To create fashion forward, functional products that support a healthy lifestyle and to help those who are less fortunate. – To Always Release The Rebel In You.

Our Fashion:
We create our own trend by incorporating a mix of cultures, concepts, and functionality. By manufacturing within the USA, this allows optimal control of quality, design, and finished product.

About Our Collections:
Every collection begins with a new inspiration that is strategically designed and crafted to appreciate the human body. We create comfortable fashion forward pieces that will be craved to be worn.
The details and finishing of every piece is hand chosen and assembled by our team to create an exclusive, head-turning item.
By manufacturing a limited quantity of every style, this preserves originality, enhances quality control, supports the economy, and increases the level of sustainability along with ethics.

About Our Essentials:
The Essentials Collection is just that, a daily essential. We use premium blended fabrics to create a go-to collection perfect for conquering the days tasks. We provide every-day wears in breathable fabrics, soft fleece, and minimal design.

Ocean Rebel donates to a non-profit organization that provides a permanent source of clean drinking water, and sanitation systems. A percentage of sales go towards the construction of water-wells, toilets, and materials to supply those in need with the necessity of life - Clean Water.

Release The Rebel In You